Cheater Cheater

In Experiences, Thoughts on March 9, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Three times in one day? I may be on the right track, but I am on the wrong train!

I was doing quite well with the “No Caffeine” kick until last Friday and Saturday rolled around. I had the best excuses ever to cheat: Friday I was setting up for a wedding I was in charge of planning and Saturday was the wedding.

In that 48 hour span I regretfully admit that I visited my local Starbucks 4 times. The first time on Friday when the rehearsal was about to begin and I recognized I needed to be up until midnight if I was going to complete things (and what better way to stay up than via Starbucks). Saturday morning I treated myself to my usual, but I think secretly I’d been planning to cheat on the day of the wedding all along. Saturday afternoon my side-kick requested Starbucks while I was on a last minute run to the store and I couldn’t help but get myself something as well… (in my defense, I was dumb enough to get a frap and it melted before I had more than two sips and then someone threw it away without asking). After the wedding was over, the reception had wrapped up, and we’d finished cleaning the church I drove to Starbucks to meet some friends and got a Grande of my usual because: A) I was exhausted B) Someone else was buying and C) I knew the cheating during my “No Caffeine” kick had to come to an end that night.

So, here I am headed to Starbucks to do my homework and meet a friend and I’m not sure what I can have that isn’t caffeinated and won’t stain my teeth besides water. Sad day. But, I seem to be holding up without unexpectedly breaking down into tears at random moments during the week. Can lack-of-caffeine do that to you? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


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