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Five Rice Crispy Treats Later

In Experiences, Thoughts on March 28, 2011 at 2:39 pm

If you feed your appetite (be it for sweets, clothes, sex or attention) is it forever satisfied?

The other day I was convinced I deserved a homemade rice crispy treat. Perhaps I did (after all, I’d been eating well and working out regularly). The first bite reassured me that my decision to break healthy-diet-protocol was worth every calorie. But as I swallowed the last bite and licked the sticky marshmallow off my fingers I found myself immediately wishing I could have another one. So I did. Then I felt guilty enough that I managed to make it about 30 or 40 minutes before the sugar crash brought me sulking back to the container of rice crispy treats for another fix. Five rice crispy treats later the container was empty and I wasn’t any happier than I’d been at the start of this dietary glitch.

We often fail to recognize that our appetite will never be filled and that only in the moment of the act (while tasting the candy and experiencing the following sugar-high, while kissing your lover, or while being applauded by an overwhelming audience) are we satisfied. Satisfaction is temporary, in this sense.

(On a side note, I’d argue that there is a place that you can find true joy and everlasting satisfaction… read Phillipians and you’ll know what I mean.)

But for this moment, I just wanted to share my revelation that working out has lasting results and eating badly has lasting results. The lasting results of the former are wonderful (energy and fabulous physique) and the lasting results of the later are discouraging (gaining weight and feeling sluggish). That doesn’t mean that the later doesn’t have a great moment of satisfaction when you’re taking a bite of a krispy kreme donut and enjoying its light and airy, warm, sugary goodness. But it does mean that I’ve decided the momentary pain and frustration that goes into sweating at the gym for 45 minutes is well worth the following results, whereas the 45 seconds of bliss found in a cupcake are not really worth the guilt and dissatisfaction that inevitably follows the last bite.

I may very well have deserved a rice crispy treat the other day, but no one (surprising as this may be to a few of you) deserves five.


Today’s Matchup: Percent vs. Pound

In Experiences, Thoughts on March 21, 2011 at 4:34 pm

“You can either be a skinny-fat girl, or a hot girl,” she said matter-of-factly, “which would you rather be?” After a stubborn pause of frustration I muttered unconvincingly, “A hot girl.”

Moments ago I had reminded my trainer that today was “measurement day” (after every 8 sessions or so he measures my weight and body fat). I already knew from the scale at home that I’d gained weight and I was dreading the opportunity to let my trainer in on my little secret.

“First up: the scale,” he stated with far too much enthusiasm. -Dun, dun, dun- I took a deep breath and turned my head away; too embarrassed to watch as he slid the weights around assuming at first that he’d made a mistake. Nope, you were right… I’ve gained weight. Probably because he was completely aware of my impending reaction, my trainer noted the weight and said absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, we had to wait for another trainer to finish calibrating her clients body fat, giving me the chance to glance at the weight my trainer had noted: 130 pounds. (It may even have been 131 pounds and I’m just in denial about that last pound, I’m not sure at this point… but I hated the number either way.) My goal coming into the gym was to weigh 120 pounds (preferably less for wiggle room) and I now weigh 130 pounds!? I started training at 127 pounds and I now weigh 130 pounds!? How much was I paying this guy to help me gain weight!? (Heck, I could do that at home for free; just give me a half gallon of ice cream, a spoon and five minutes!) I stood casually, but my clenched jaw gave me away. “You’re frustrated,” my trainer confirmed under his breath as we took residence in the fat-calibration-cubicle.

After bending that way, turning my palms this way, lifting this, holding that, being pinched, and being prodded my trainer smiled as he took down the numbers he’d calibrated and calculated my body fat percentage. I knew I came in to training at 23% body fat and had lost 4% in the first four weeks… so I was hoping that I hadn’t gained too much of it back during the last four weeks. I glanced at the number he was writing down and leaned closer to make sure it really did say… 17%. There had to be a mistake… I had gained 3 or 4 pounds, so logically I should have gained body fat, right? Anticipating my thoughts, my trainer started into a mini-lecture reminding me that muscle mass weighs more than fat and I had gained muscle and lost fat… hence, I had gained weight, but lost body fat (and inches… my clothes were fitting much better, I was buying size ‘small’ again, I’d lost half a shoe size (that one stumped my trainer as he said, “well that’s a first”), and I’d been measured for a bridesmaid’s dress at 32″bust 24″waist 34″hip; a perfect size zero). Still… I didn’t look convinced.

With an agitated, “Come on,” my trainer motioned for me to follow him toward the front of the gym and stopped a female trainer asking her what she thought of my numbers. She looked over the sheet silently and finally said, “so what’s the problem?” I rolled my eyes, already aware of the trap they were setting. “There isn’t a problem, the numbers look good right?” and he proceeded to explain my dislike for the weight gain and my desire to weigh 120 pounds.

That’s when the female trainer got frustrated… Read the rest of this entry »

Cheater Cheater

In Experiences, Thoughts on March 9, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Three times in one day? I may be on the right track, but I am on the wrong train!

I was doing quite well with the “No Caffeine” kick until last Friday and Saturday rolled around. I had the best excuses ever to cheat: Friday I was setting up for a wedding I was in charge of planning and Saturday was the wedding.

In that 48 hour span I regretfully admit that I visited my local Starbucks 4 times. The first time on Friday when the rehearsal was about to begin and I recognized I needed to be up until midnight if I was going to complete things (and what better way to stay up than via Starbucks). Saturday morning I treated myself to my usual, but I think secretly I’d been planning to cheat on the day of the wedding all along. Saturday afternoon my side-kick requested Starbucks while I was on a last minute run to the store and I couldn’t help but get myself something as well… (in my defense, I was dumb enough to get a frap and it melted before I had more than two sips and then someone threw it away without asking). After the wedding was over, the reception had wrapped up, and we’d finished cleaning the church I drove to Starbucks to meet some friends and got a Grande of my usual because: A) I was exhausted B) Someone else was buying and C) I knew the cheating during my “No Caffeine” kick had to come to an end that night.

So, here I am headed to Starbucks to do my homework and meet a friend and I’m not sure what I can have that isn’t caffeinated and won’t stain my teeth besides water. Sad day. But, I seem to be holding up without unexpectedly breaking down into tears at random moments during the week. Can lack-of-caffeine do that to you? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.