If it isn’t caffeinated, it’s just staining your teeth

In Experiences, Quotations, Thoughts on February 28, 2011 at 3:06 pm

A grande soy awake tea latte with vanilla? Yes, please.

While I’m not a fan of black coffee (but I commend those of you who can enjoy the false advertisement of warm, rich aroma accompanied with an unattractively strong flavor & bitter aftertaste), I can enjoy an excessively sweetened coffee with the best of them. (Try a Starbucks raspberry white chocolate mocha sometime! It may put some weight on the hips, but it tastes like a liquid truffle. a.k.a. Heaven.)
On the other hand, I love tea. I like nearly all flavors of tea. I like tea with lemon and honey when I’m feeling under the weather. I like tea with sweetener at anytime of the day. I like chai tea. I like herbal tea. I like hot tea. I like iced tea. (By the way, in my head I’m rambling like Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers when he’s talking about maple syrup, “I know everything there is to know about maple syrup… I put a little in my hair, what do you think holds it up, slick?”) There are few things better than pulling your knees to your chest with a warm cup of tea between the palms of your hands and taking a deep breath over the steaming liquid.
That’s why it was so devastating for me to discover… wait for it… I’m addicted to caffeine!

Yes, it’s true; I’m reliant upon my Starbucks caffeine fix these days! I realized this the other day when I went without my usual tea latte for the first half of the day and got a massive headache that nothing seemed to satisfy… aside from another tea latte. Yep, the moment I swung into Starbucks and walked up to the counter (I don’t even have to order, they just ask what size I’m feeling today) and had that Soy Awake Tea Latte with Vanilla in my hands, the headache began to recede. At that instant I froze in a fleeting moment of terror as I realized I had a caffeine addiction I probably needed to break. It isn’t like I don’t have multiple reasons for eliminating Starbucks from my life (I mean, I’m a gold member for a reason! I spend WAY too much money on that little bit of energy, supposedly addiction free.) but I knew from previous experience (in the diet soda department) this was going to be rough.

So, as of recent, I am caffeine free. I went through about two days of terrible headaches and I’ve had an energy lull every day since I gave it up (last Thursday), but I’m convinced it’s in my best interest. Not only will my hips and trainer thank me… my bank account will be fat and happy, as well. (About $3.00 per drink, about 5 drinks per week, about 2 pastries per week, about $3.00 per pastry, comes out to about about $21 dollars a week. And that’s being lenient with the actuality of my addiction, considering the last time I reloaded my card I skipped the usual $20 I previously limited myself to each week and put $50 on it. I should’ve known right then and there that I had a problem. That, or the day that I purchased a pastry and the guy said, “I’ll see you in an hour.” Wow.)

“Why not go decaf?”, you might ask. Because I’m convinced that if it isn’t caffeinated, it’s just staining my teeth.

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I’m a caffeine addict… about to undergo intense cravings & painful with-drawls.

Wish me luck!


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