Sassy Saturday Assignment

In Experiences on January 22, 2011 at 7:33 pm

What do you mean you just worked out at the gym by yourself and I didn’t die of embarrassment!? ~Conversation I subconsciously had with myself on the drive home today.

By about three o’clock today I was wondering whether my personal trainer, Nick, had forgotten about me, so I called the number he’d rang from the other night. As the phone quit ringing and an automated female told me to leave a detailed message after the tone, I hung up.

Forty-five minutes later he texted me, “What’s up?” After gently reminding him of his promise to provide me with a weekend workout he apologized for not doing so sooner and then sent the following text: “All exercise sets 12-15 reps. Follow the template: Quads, Chest, Hamstrings, Back, Biceps, Triceps. Pick one exercise for each of those body parts.”

So I split a turkey wrap with my roommate, slipped into some yoga pants and drove to the gym. (By the way, Saturday is definitely a great day to go to the gym as there’s hardly anyone there.) I completed all of the exercises Nick showed me last Thursday and found I was worn out, so I headed home for a shrimp scampi pasta dinner.

I am so thrilled with my workouts thus far, but I think my diet needs a major overhaul. When Nick and I are in person next Tuesday we’ll probably get a chance to sit down and discuss what I eat and how I should modify it. When we do, hopefully I’ll still get to indulge in the occasional chocolate (my new favorite, in place of the previous forerunner: ice cream).

So, while I was at the gym today, someone invited me to join them at the gym tomorrow, which is great motivation to hit the gym on my “day of rest”.

Progress: Many of the places on my body that I want to change are sore (which generally means change is coming)!


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