A Little Last Minute

In Thoughts on January 14, 2011 at 10:16 am

I recently made two promises:

1) I promised to workout at the gym at least one more time this week.

Perhaps it’s a little last minute at this point, but I will not break this promise. After work I will head to the gym and either endure another class or pretend like I know what I’m doing and try out the machines the gym offers (I’m quite excited about the stair machines, actually. Up until now they were like leprechauns, big foot and unicorns; mythical entities you hear about, but never see and aren’t really sure you ever want to!).

Can I make a side comment, please? I have decided that one of the main reasons I avoid the gym isn’t because I don’t want to workout, but rather because I don’t want to have to pull myself together first. Gym memberships may be expensive, but it’s my insecurities that have made them unaffordable. By the time I’ve paid the start-up fee, forked over first and last month payments, purchased new workout clothes (From a fashionable line like Lucy or Lu Lu Lemon, of course. Which only means I bought myself cute workout clothes that promise to squeeze-in, flatter and flaunt for a small down-payment on a house.), invested in a couple pairs of new Nike running shoes, bought new socks for my new shoes, restocked my sweat-proof make-up and deodorant, and updated my ipod… whew… I’ve spent my entire paycheck, the workout is over and I haven’t even made it to the gym yet! It’s a catch-22 I’ve conducted for myself: I must look good (My definition of “look good”: Be fit, wear just the right amount of make-up, rock dry styled hair, sport cute clothes/shoes and exude utter confidence… a.k.a. Mission Impossible.) before going to workout, but I must workout in order to meet my requirements for looking good!?

2) I promised to provide an update on my weekend sass-oriented plans.

This weekend I must do my laundry and clean my room. I plan to spend time with friends (already have them penciled in for Saturday morning coffee and Sunday night Golden Globes party), go to church Sunday, complete my homework (due Tuesday), and workout Saturday for sure (Sunday is optional, but I think I’ll probably make a habit of not working out on Sundays. That way maybe I will dread the upcoming week of workouts a little less.)! I have given myself lots to live up to, but I think I’ll make it happen… the key is to focus and keep the T.V. watching to a minimum. Easier said than done.

Per usual, wish me luck!


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