Slow Start to my Sassy New Year

In Experiences on January 11, 2011 at 3:45 pm

“So you’re telling me I have a chance.”

Just like I said I would, I went to the gym the other day with my roommate and ran 2 miles and then walked 2 more once my quad started giving me grief for not warming up (It’s no marathon, but it’s a start). Annie had already warmed up with a brief walk by the time I got on the treadmill next to her and took off running. (What’s worse than a show off? An unsuccessful one. Enter… me.) Annie and I then went into the dance room and did various squat and lunge workouts. Boy did my butt and legs hate me that night.

I was invited by my friend Allison to stay at Black Butte for the new year and hiked a good 4-6 miles in the un-groomed snow the first day we were there. My athletic progress came to a screeching halt after I woke up January 1st with a fever and a terrible cough. Three or four days later I was finally off the couch because my fever had subsided, but the cough had become so disgusting and loud it seemed it had be some sort of chest infection. Friday I called the doctor to get an antibiotic and kick the infection in the butt. Just my luck, they didn’t have an opening. Saturday I spent sleeping on the couch with difficulty (I don’t sleep well when someone in the room is snoring or breathing “loudly” and the problem is only magnified when the person is me). Sunday I tried to live life normally, but found myself unable to spend decent periods of time in public without getting those “That sounds terrible. What does she have? I bet it’s contagious, so I’ll keep my distance.” stares from passers by. Finally, on Monday I got into the doctor and was prescribed a Z-pack antibiotic.

Wow, this year has not started out with the bang I expected. But, don’t let the illness fool you, I’m not using it as an excuse to avoid working out and eating right (although last week I think I consumed chicken noodle soup for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner on multiple days. “It’s amazing what soup can do.”), but I am explaining why I got a slow start at the fitness part of my 2011 mission. I’d say so far I’m Turning 25 with the Voice of a Lifelong Smoker more than I’m Turning 25 with Sass!

Before I visited the doctor, Monday I woke up and went to the gym with my girlfriend, Anna. We stuck it out through an intense Pilates/Dance Fusion class. It was all I could do to not cough up a lung while I was lunging and leaning in every unnatural direction possible. We proudly completed the class AND, get this, I got a gym membership!!!

I’ve never had a gym membership, but I do now. At the price they’re charging me to use their facilities, I figure I better use them. So that’s my new motivation. I may have started out the year rather slow, but slow and steady has been known to win the race. So I think I have a chance at keeping this thing going.

I plan to workout at the gym at least one more time this week. We can discuss the weekend at a later date.


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