Turning 25 with Sass

In Experiences on December 27, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how old I am.  Lucky me, I recently turned 25. “A quarter of a century old” is the way my best girl friend likes to put it.

I always thought that by the time I turned 25 I’d be going to work in a sexy pants suit, celebrating my third year anniversary with the man of my dreams, successfully entertaining the extended family at Christmas and welcoming the birth of my second child. Perhaps not surprisingly, today I find my life to be very different from anything I’d conjured up daydreaming as an adolescent.

Today I am single, childless (thank goodness, considering the former) and I have a roommate. I work for the family business and while I get dressed up once or twice a week, I regularly find myself in casual jeans, sporting an old high school sweatshirt and bandanna wrapped head of hair. A bandanna!? Me? Really? Are we talking about the same girl who thought anything other than stilettos were casual and not blowing one’s hair dry every morning was a sin? Surprisingly… yes.

How did I get here?

We’ve all had those days when we’ve hit a sudden spurt of motivation to set a goal and promised ourselves, our family, our friends, our diaries, and God that we WILL reach it, only to discover the all too familiar failure to follow through because excuses are piling up like a conga line. I’m not immune to moments of weakness myself. For instance, when ice cream and a run are placed in front of me as options I rarely consider the pros and cons (or a run would easily become the winner) before serving up a heaping bowl of dairy goodness and thanking myself for not letting my hair frizz to oblivion as I run (okay, so it’s more of a jog… but that’s so 80’s) in the freezing cold.

How do I expect to change things and why do I think this time around things might be different?

Because I’m a quarter of a century old and motivated as heck!

I’m determined to make 2011 the year of a century. I have every intention of turning 50 and thinking back to the year I turned 25 and had the time of my life, looked like a bombshell and possessed the confidence of Martha Stewart in a craft competition against a group of 5th graders.

So here goes… in the year 2011 I plan to workout often enough and hard enough that I enjoy flaunting my figure. I plan to eat well enough that I don’t have to consider which pants I’ll fit in or which shirt I’ll feel comfortable wearing on a particular day. I intend to date often and be picky about the people I spend time getting to know. I plan to make time for my friends and myself. I aim to save money and become financially stable enough to get my own place in 2012. I plan to go to church regularly, pray often and read the bible in it’s entirety. I will also work hard, get a raise or bonus and simultaneously maintain a good relationship with my father/coworker. I plan to grow out my hair and rock it like a Victoria’s Secret model. I plan to make my bed every day, keep up on my laundry and clean my room once a week. Per usual, I will volunteer with Young Life and my church’s youth group and spend way too much time & money on high school kids.

Overall, it seems like I have an overabundance of goals that should keep me quite busy next year. They are all attainable individually and with some focus and organization I’m pretty sure they can all be reached within the 365 days next year has to offer.

But how?

I work best off of simple motivation. Like receiving a sticker on each day of my calendar that I workout, getting a small dessert each day I eat well and recording my weight and watching the numbers drop. I look forward to little victories such as sitting and not noticing my jeans rub against my stomach, depositing my leftover cash at the end of the month, and creating an empty in-box at work. As I grow my hair out I get excited about haircut$ occurring le$$ often, pony-tails actually holding and long sexy curls brushing against my face. Having my bed made is a reward in itself and my roommate comments about how much she appreciates it every time I make it. Cleaning my room makes me feel good as well and keeping up on laundry saves me time and saves my clothes.

So how do I expect to turn 50 and look back at the year I was 25, responsible, full of sass and drop dead gorgeous?

I have NO idea, but I’m determined to, at the least, keep you updated as to how I’m doing.

Oh, did I mention I want to run a marathon in 2012? Wish me luck!


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