Side Effects of the Barbie Epidemic

In Thoughts on November 1, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Maybe if I turn to the right a little more, lift up my chin a bit and suck in my stomach I’ll like how my reflection looks in the mirror? Why is it that we all aspire to have barbie doll size proportions (itty-bitty waists/ridiculously perky boobs/abnormally long legs) and big Disney character eyes with Drew Barrymore’s cover-girl lashes to boot?

Get real!

Most girls wear jeans a couple sizes bigger than they admit to. Most women have tested a wonder-bra, and it didn’t do them wonders. Most ladies have discovered mascara doesn’t give them lashes 50% fuller or 50% longer, but fake glue-on lashes do. Every woman has leg hair and underarm hair, but razors, wax and lasers are now common solutions to achieving Barbie’s shiny leg look. The average female’s hair color is at least three shades away from her eyebrows… because she dyes it (I recently had coffee with 4 friends & discovered 3 out of 4 of them dye their hair)! Most girls wear contacts or choose not to wear the glasses prescribed to them (after all, when was the last time Four-Eyes Barbie was sold?). Most women exaggerate their weight… loss and lie about their weight.

Almost every gal owns a pair of “skinny jeans” she hides deep in a dresser drawer and aspires to slip into someday in the distant future. We’re not talking about skinny jeans, like they’re a style that belongs on a rack to the left of bell-bottom cords and to the right of boot-cut acid washed pencil jeans. We’re talking about the pair of “skinny jeans” that causes a woman, simply by holding on to them, to admit she falls for the image society has forcefully pushed her direction. By hoping those “skinny-jeans” will fit and purchasing that new Victoria’s Secret bra that guarantees you’ll look like you’ve had a boob job without ever going under the knife, we are willingly accepting Barbie as our idol and destroying our confidence voluntarily.

I don’t have wonderful words of advice on how to regain our confidence, but considering job performance, sexiness, and success are all directly related to confidence (according to one study or another) I’d say we need to get our butts into gear and wise up! Barbie may have been fun to dress as a young girl because she had the perfect wardrobe and never grew out of her clothes, but if we… always compare ourselves to proportions that are completely impractical, skin tone that’s unreal or airbrushed and a personality that doesn’t exist once the director yells “That’s a wrap!” we will forever be disappointed when we look in the mirror.

Studies have shown that if Barbie was a real woman she would be 6′0″ tall and weigh only 100lbs. Her bust would measure 39″; she’d measure 19″ around her waist; and her hips would measure 33″. By those measurements she would definitely be top heavy. That’s hot! At least we’ll know we’ve reached our goal when we no longer have to look in the mirror because we’ve toppled over.

Seriously, we can turn to the left and suck in as much as we’d like. The angle doesn’t change our view of ourselves.


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